Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Seniors Speak...

"This week was very fun, I went to the house where the construction class is building and took a lot of pictures. It was cool because I have never seen the construction class’ true talent until I saw what they built."

- Esperanza Rendon

"This week I enjoyed going to the construction house and taking pictures for my promotional project. I got a better sense of what they do, and I think it will help me do a better job on my project."

- Liz Girres

"We learned about the photographer’s color wheel this week and how to manipulate the colors in a photo. This week I also took my senior pictures. Hope they turn out well! It’s been really cold lately, which has made it hard to take pictures. I hope it warms up."

- Carmen Seto

Juniors working video

"This week I finished my intro video and got my music video layout. By next week I’ll be ready to shoot my music video. Everything in video right now is really good. I’m having a little trouble with tutorials here and there but besides that everything’s good so far for me in this class."

- Billy Cha

"This week has been pretty good. I am finished with my intro, and will soon start on my music video. Tutorials are only sometimes frustrating, but other than that video is all good."

- Taryn R.

"I’m really glad I finished my video. I wasn’t sure if the scenes I shot of May and Mercedes would fit with my song; “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained,” off of the Kung Fu Hustle OST. But in the end everything came out perfectly comedic."

- Brianna Ono

"Over the last week, I learned a lot about editing, camera angles, and how they affect the mood of your video. Also sound effects and music can change how people feel about it."

- Kristina Brown

"The strangest thing happened to me last week. At around midnight on Wednesday, I was struck with the lightning bolt of inspiration when I was randomly thinking about my plans for the music video. I spent the next three hours pacing to and fro in my bedroom thinking about it. The next day I woke up with a headache and fell asleep in my first period class."

- Giayen Nguyen

Monday, December 14, 2009

Seniors Shoot Color!

- Sharice Jackson

- Courtney Rauls

- Eileen Tom

- BobbySue Eriich

- Carmen Seto

Seniors Lines

- Liz Girres

- RaChelle Boswell-Collins

- Peter Pham

-BobbySue Eriich

Friday, December 4, 2009

Junior Video 1.0

"I learned how to work a camera for filming, but the course seems challenging, because of all the breaks in our schedule."
- Gerald Stewart

"We learned about premiere. It's Hard! But I am excited about the music video. The whole editing and stuff in not fun!"
-Mason Hawk

"We started learning about video premiere. My teacher lost me. I'm so stressed out! I can't do this."
-Shawncy Townsend

New Term, New Seniors!

"Finally! Back to photography after a year. Our first assignments were line and environmental portrait. It actually wasn't weird to be using a camera again, it just took some getting used to since we're now using digital cameras."
- Carmen Seto

"I am excited for the photography portion of this class. Last week My partner and I froze our bums off in the cold, taking pictures for the environmental picture assignment. I am a little anxious and worried about the promotional assignment."
- Esperanza Rendon

"It looks like this quarter is going to be filled with interesting projects and assignments. Last week was good for finding out what this quarter is going to look like. I started to use the nice digital cameras and make my hall pass too. I'm planning my video on the electrical major as well. I learned how to use the cameras and I was impressed with Ms. Pelster's Super Photo World."
- Hunter Krout

Friday, October 23, 2009

Seniors and Week 7 - Video!

"This week I had the most fun filming and the most fun in communications thus far. Everyone contributed a lot to the group. We all worked well together, and had a lot of fun while working where it almost didn't feel like work at all. COMMUNICATIONS RULES!"
- Tomas Patlan

"I had a lot of fun this week, I filmed the Benson House on Monday with the electric students. Also I've been working on the HOSA video with the Health Occ. students. The highlight of my week though, was filming horror clips for our next project! Our group was amazing at working together!"

- Christina Doan

"The best part about this week was the story I shared with the class about Abraham. Besides that, the other thing that was great was scaring everyone in the darkroom with Ebony. I also liked the clip we did about horror and how we took a cliche scene and made it unique."

- Clarence Zack-Cade

"So this week we filmeed our horror video. yesterday we were filming and Gaby was supposed to kill me in the scene and instead of faking she actually hit me with a golf club on the side of my face. Talk about mad, I was so angry and after I didn't finish the scene I went back to class. I had a bad headache."

- Sierra Peters